Seven Chakras Set (original)
Seven Chakras Set (original)
Seven Chakras Set (original)

Seven Chakras Set (original)

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Seven mixed-media on archival paper mini paintings, each approximately 6" x 6", unframed. Embellished with metallic inks and iridescent accents. Finished with spray fixative and spot gloss varnish for protection from the elements.

The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through:

  • Root Chakra – (First Chakra, Muladhara) security, grounding and abundance
  • Sacral Chakra – (Second Chakra, Svadisthana) creativity, fluidity and empowerment
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – (Third Chakra, Manipura) ego, personality and self-esteem
  • Heart Chakra – (Fourth Chakra, Anahata) forgiveness, compassion and love
  • Throat Chakra – (Fifth Chakra, Vishudda) expression, purification and expansion
  • Throat Chakra – (Sixth Chakra, Anja) wisdom, insight and higher vision
  • Crown Chakra – (Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara) union, oneness and integration

This is the original art created for the "Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body" card set published by US Games Inc.
These small paintings are perfect decor for a yoga studio, massage practice or meditation room- framed together or individually.

Do not display in direct sunlight. Irregularities in size and color are natural.