Sabina Espinet is a mixed-media painter. Born in Colombia to Trinidadian parents, she has never felt like she belonged to any one particular place. By the age of ten she lived in and visited many countries throughout South America and this early transient lifestyle impressed upon her an appreciation for different cultures and a love of travel. She obtained her B.F.A. in Painting from the University of South Florida, where she studied under Theo Wujcik. Sabina uses bold colors, traditional religious iconography and archetypal symbols to explore our shared human experience as well as our connection to The Divine. 


  • 2014, "Water" - Evergreen, CO - "Nami (wave)", oil on canvas

  • 2014, "Love Out of Bounds" - Evergreen, CO - "Ex Voto", oil on canvas

  • 2012, "Start the Dream" - Evergreen, CO - "Peacock", acrylic on canvas 

  • 2011, "Opening Doors" - Denver, CO - "Chinese Good Luck Door", acrylic on wood

  • 2009, "Beyond the Wall" - Tampa, FL - "Krishna and Radha", acrylic on piece of Berlin Wall

  • 2006, "Big Art Show II - The Wonders of Flight" - Tampa, FL - "Ascension", acrylic on canvas

  • 2005, "Manatee Menagerie" - Tampa, FL - "Mujeratee", acrylic on fiberglass 

  • 2004, "Chairs for Chairity" - Tampa, FL - "Anima & Animus", acrylic on canvas

  • 2004, "Flock Around the Dock" - Tampa, FL - "Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul", acrylic on wood

  • 2001, "Tour of Turtles" - Tampa, FL - "Great Mother", acrylic on fiberglass 

  • 1994, "USF Senior Show" - Tampa, FL - "Orange baby", "Blue baby", "Red baby", "Blue Baby 2", acrylic on canvas

  • 1992, "16th Annual USF Juried Exhibit, juried by The Guerrilla Girls" - Tampa, FL - "Birth of a Beet", acrylic on canvas